Sunday, May 14, 2006


SLUG wrote this piece.It's his first graffiti .He is a new writer in our team.


Anonymous jelly fish said...

nice works ,i have seen them all in irangraffiti before. have a good unit .graff is power

9:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

salam ,agha karatoon jalebe ,shenidam sennetoon ham paeene ,Eival baro bax ,edameh bedid keh miterekoonid.

9:41 PM

Anonymous a1one said...

hi ,congradulations to you for you blog.I will link you soon,but irst i think you should link my blog too : A1one(Tanha)
show me if you are friends...

9:43 PM

Anonymous K.R. said...

salam doostan
karhatoon ro gozashtam va link ham dadam,mamnoon ,omidvaram karhayee keh ghablan too irangraffiti miferestid ro in ja beh shekle tekrari nazarid ,chin in too internet zyad dorost nist. in joor moghe ha ink midan.Hala jalebe keh linke maro nazashtid, shayad chon yeh meghdar senetoon kame ,gahi yadet mire yeh chizayee ,beh har hal ma montazerim bebinim refighid ya ya shakh.

9:45 PM

Anonymous nimnil2 said...

salam ,bah injam keh alone hast? agha shoma motahedid? in ja ham bara khodtoone Underground bazio in harfa dige

9:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ina keh ghadimye baW

9:48 PM

Blogger OLD NICK said...

Salam!doostan daste hamatoon dard nakone!lotf darid.rasti age inja karaye tekrari mibinid vase ine ke ma in blogo bishtar vase crew khodemoon zadim bara hamin momkene karaye tekrari bebinid.omidvaram ke khooshetoon biad.ahaye karan shoma ham dorost hads zadid man faghat 13 saalame.baraye hamatoon arezoie movafaghiat daram!khodahafez.

4:30 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:38 AM

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